hey dudes, playing an awesome show at the freakin frog tonight at 9 pm. 21 and up, sorry!!!

MORGANSORANGE (ronn benway)

this is the last date of our 20 day west coast tour and it has been the most awesome times coupled w the most stressful times (car broke down twice!!)
sorry flagstaff, we were unable to make it. but yeah, please come support our cause--i want to send my provo friends home happily. donations SO gratefully accepted of any amount.. change, hundreds, whatever. ;)

it'll be a fun time!! pre thanksgiving party/welcome home. (i might be living in vegas for a bit this winter.)

take care and call your friends/repost/do anytihng you can think of to help make this an awesome and fun time for everyone!!!

<3 ruth allison dana

Renting in vegas x-posted

I'm hoping someone can help me. I'm moving to Vegas end of august/beginning of september and may have a pit bull puppy with me. Let me say that this is not my first pit, and i know how to train them and handle them. I have never had a problem in the past with any of the pits in my life. With that said, I've been looking at different apts and they either have breed restrictions or weight restricitions, which in many cases is less then 25 pounds. Does anyone on this community rent and own a pit, rottie, etc or know anyone who does. I'm trying to find places around vegas or henderson area that is not going to give me a hard time over the breed.

Never sleep

I'm the mod and I approve this post :)

I really hate to post this here but my bestfriend is moving and needs to get rid of a few things I let her borrow (I don't have the room or the need for them anymore) so, if anyone is interested I have a:

- Queen size bed (no frame) Just the mattress and boxsprings
- Entertainment center
- 20" in television

They need to be gone by Tuesday by 7-8pmish at the latest due to the fact her flight leaves here tuesday night.

So if anyone is interested please please let me know.

Best/fastest offer gets the item.
Coop Devil Girl &amp; Guitar

Nerdcore shows in Vegas next week

The amazing things you find reading the blog BoingBoing - there are Nerdcore shows in Vegas next week, January 9th and 10th.

January 9th - Beauty Bar 9 PM
$7 At The Door
Beauty Bar on MySpace

January 10th - Consumer Electronics Show 5 PM -
DivX, Inc. booth (#35301) in South Hall 4, Las Vegas Convention Center.

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