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Got Tool?

If you or anyone you know wants to see Tool at the Hard Rock Hotel on Friday night (Sept. 1) but does not have tickets, I have a friend who has two extra for sale. They are assigned seat tickets, and the pair is $160. They are electronic tickets, so we can e-mail them to you or you can meet up and get printouts.

I have PayPal for electronic transactions, or cash in hand for in-person exchange.

Location of seats:

South section, row W, seats 13,14

Please get back to me ASAP as this show is sold out and I know a lot of people want to go. I am putting this up for my LJ peeps only, since I love you all and would rather not pimp out on craigslist.

This is a re-post for a friend. Please contact pjperez if you are interested.
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